Some of the most compelling features available include:

  • Limited Data Entry - Just one or two numbers required to create an accurate calculation
  • Users don't need to remember a single formula
  • Quick learning - Within minutes users are proficient and can create detailed estimates in 10 seconds
  • Simple features that provide answers to any question out in the field
  • Ability to save the 10 areas most frequently used
  • Save, email, or print out estimate for customer to review
  • Built in manual

what others have said about the program...

"I have been unbelievably impressed by the ChicagoAgent Software. I truly believe any Real Estate Agent that does not have this program is missing out!!" 

"As soon as I saw ChicagoAgent I was sold. The impact of using it has been outstanding. Net sheets for sellers done in 30 seconds, buyers payments calculated as we walk through each home. I have made it a team requirement! I would recommend ChicagoAgent to anyone interested in competing in today's fast paced technical world!!!" 

"This is the greatest tool for Real Estate since the cell phone."

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